Funding and scholarships

Please note that we do not provide funding for organisations or individuals directly.

Here we provide a set of resources which you may find helpful:

  1. Funding RSS Feed
    This features resources on sponsorships and funding opportunities for women and/or gender focused initiatives, with names of organisations, size and scope of the grants and contact details. The space is regularly updated. Please have a look and contact the organisations directly if you are interested.
  2. Funding Sources for Gender-Equality and Women-focused Projects
    Our 2006 online resource is divided into five sections: Women's Funds (those dedicated to gender-equality and women-focused rights projects), Foundations, International Development Agencies, Prizes, and on-line Directories. The Women's Fund section provides website links, contact information for the funder along with information on what types of projects are funded, size of grants and applicant criteria. For the other sections, website links are given as well as a brief description of the type of issues that the funder is interested in.
  3. Scholarships
    This resource seeks to address this gap in knowledge by providing a compilation of a selection of study grants, scholarships and fellowships available around the world. Brief information is given on each funding opportunity and website links provided.